B2I Model

B2I(Business to Institution) Model is an approach to bring large businesses in the institutions that may benifit both businesses and the students.

For Students


  • Experience the professional business processes in real time
  • Learn the latest skills and technologies as well as their need and demand
  • Understand the process maturity and its requirements for an enterprise
  • Provide freelance (work from home) opportunity for students
  • Promote the Pakistani talent in front of 1rst world businesses
  • Utilize and purify the skills and interests of students
  • Utilize the Research and Development of students for engineering and technology
  • Build up the student an experienced and professional personality
  • Protect and implement the young and innovative ideas from the students

For Institution


  • Better utilize the resources for funds generation
  • Provide quality education with a real time market implementation of knowledge
  • Promise employment opportunities for the students after graduation
  • Decrease the dependency on grants
  • Provide part time job opportunity for university professors/teachers through skill enhancement
  • courses program
  • Build up links with many national and international businesses