Biblio Plus (A MARC based Library Management System)

Intelliscence is committed to providing exceptional library management system to the university community by implementing BiblioPlus® an Integrated Library Management System of superior functionality and cost efficiency.

BiblioPlus® Integrated Library Management System operates autonomously with respect to the acquisition, serials control, circulation, and cataloging of library materials using an environment of software.  At the same time the BiblioPlus® Integrated Library Management System provides consortium-based capabilities such as a union catalog that indicates complete bibliographic holdings and circulation status of those holdings and be available from any workstation accessing the proposed system, regardless of its location.         

MARC21 compatible System, supports Z 39.50 protocol, provides state of the art Patron Management, has a user friendly GUI interfaces, provides dropdown lists for MARC so no need to memorize MARC codes, provides GUI template designing facility.

BiblioPlus® provides multilingual support by toggling with shortcut keys, Union Cataloging, catalogers performance report, helps in library statistics, event log for user, spell check functionality, report writer for end user, provides address book for correspondence, a dependable testing environment, multiple collection configuration, easy user interface for management of books, serials, audio data etc., facility to check book’s order in racks, is centralized but distributed as well, is secure system (user level rights), RFID compatibility and virtual shelving facility.

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