VISB!Z  (Smart Visa Consultancy)VisBiz

This state-of-the-art software is aimed at providing technology solutions to facilitate the automation of Visa Consultancy & Processing Visa applications cases. Through this advanced technological software, Your firm intends to create a hassle free process where gradually the dependency on manual processes minimizes and the tedious process of managing visa applications becomes completely automated. We understand time is of essence and this software geared towards helping your clients/applicants for a superior service and you thereby gain a competitive advantage over others.

This software is designed to add and manage applications requests from various different sources including students , agents and corporate organizations. The software also features the functionality to secure some fields for managers only . The interface is friendly and easy to learn for a layman. Secure and Stable with ability to backup the database, logs of records entries, reporting feature and limit the privileges for agents by admin makes it more usable for you as an owner/manager of the firm.

Following are the features in birds eye view:

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