Laboratory Information and Management System

LabCare is a comprehensive and user-friendly Laboratory Information and Management System (LIMS). It is an innovative and enterprise-wide system that enables you to deliver better and quality diagnostic services, with “always available” long-term storage.


Radiology Information and Management System

RadCare is a comprehensive and user-friendly Radiology Information and Management System (RIMS). RadCare provides you all the electronic workflows to perform your radiology reporting. Key features include Reception Management including registration and ordering of tests, scheduling, cashier services, Radiologists assignment, Radiographer/Technologist queue with technical documentation, radiologists queue with PACS image viewer integration, and also integration of voice recognition system. RadCare covers reporting of all imaging modalities i.e. Xray, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Mammography, and Xray Angiography.


ImageCare PACS is fundamentally a medical imaging management system for radiology, cardiology, and other imaging services. Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) enables you to electronically transfer your radiology images i.e. Xray, CT, MRI, and Ultrasound to its storage for physicians and radiologists view. Physicians can view images electronically in their offices and clinics. Radiologists can also report PACS studies from their offices with better image processing tools.

Pharmacy Management System


PharmaCare is an affordable pharmacy management and point-of-sale software system to process prescriptions, efficient sales, and manage pharmacy operations. It has complete list of medicines with their generic and formula names which enables quick and intelligent medication dispensing. PharmaCare has a built-in general ledger & inventory management which helps you to keep track of your cash in and outflows, customer books, and alerts for stock re-ordering.


Clinic Management System

CliniCare is a very unique system to manage outpatient departments and clinics. It has the ability to provide features for independent clinics, outpatient departments of the hospitals, and outpatient centers. Key modules of CliniCare include patient registration, appointment management systems, queue management, cashier services, patient history capturing, prescription management (history, medication, diagnostic tests, recommendations etc.), keep track of follow-ups, and sub-specialty examination templates i.e. orthopedic, dermatology, cardiology, and ENT etc.


Hospital Management and Information System

CernCare is a comprehensive and integrated Hospital Management and Information System (HMIS). It provides functionality to electronically manage all the aspects of hospital operations, such as medical/clinical, nursing, diagnostic services, operation theaters, emergency services, pharmacy, administrative, MIS, financial, and related corresponding services. It is a massive and integrated system that supports the comprehensive information requirements of hospitals, including admission discharge, clinical data, financial, and inventory management.

Hospitals are extremely complex institutions with large-scale departments including outpatient, inpatient, nursing, and unit coordinators for patients. CernCare enables you to be become more reliant on the ability of hospital management and information system (HMIS) to assist in the treatment, patient management, and education for better & improved services and practices.